Alignment with our clients’ people and mission are the primary filters.
Here are some examples:

E-Commerce Businesses
Two-Sided Markets
Small and Medium Sized Businesses
Brick & Mortar Retail Stores
High Growth Companies


Driving Online Sales
Great Analytics, Then Optimization

The first step in driving online sales is ensuring that you are tracking EVERYTHING. At a minimum, Google Analytics needs to have e-commerce tracking in place.  If you are using e-commerce platforms like Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Shopify or others, you need to ensure they are integrated correctly.  Understanding your baseline metrics are a key step.

It’s great when the only dial you have to turn is more traffic, but that is rarely the case. Once campaigns are live, they need to constantly be tweaked to ensure the right people are visiting your site. Once they get there, you need to make sure they convert. We specialize in using tools like Google Analytics and KissMetrics to understand what people are doing on your site. Alternatively, we use tools like Optimizely and Unbouce to run multivariate testing on website. Sometimes it’s as simple as moving a button to where a customer can see it!

CASE STUDY on how we helped one local Chicago company improve their online presence and boost their revenues.


Bringing Two Targets Together
Marketing to the Chicken and the Egg

For most businesses, getting the word out to their customers is challenging enough.  Some businesses need to market to both sides of the market to create demand.  For example, AuditionU connects high school musicians with college music professors.  They need to market to both sides simultaneously to ensure a healthy business ecosystem.

Matchnode has long history of simultaneously marketing to both sides of the portal and learning what brings two sides together.


SMB’S and Matchnode

Just because you are a small or medium sized business doesn’t mean you aren’t a potential great fit with Matchnode.  We work with businesses of all sizes ensuring that their web presence is optimized and are positioned properly for growth.

CASE STUDY on how Matchnode helped a local Chicago gym boost their holiday sales.

Sometimes it isn’t a long-term fit, but the business owner knows that they have been set-up the right way! Our crucial goals for a short-term relationship are that the business knows what marketing strategy tactics do and don’t work along with the reassurance that their analytics and tracking have been set up the right way by professionals who work with it everyday.


Digital Tactics for Local Businesses
Advertise Digitally, Convert in Store

Not every business we work with has a digital-only presence.  In fact, many of the companies we work with don’t even sell on the Internet!  Some have more traditional selling pipelines through distributors, or employ a “Bricks and Clicks,” strategy.  The reality is that their customers still use the internet on a daily basis.  Ads that lead to landing pages designed for “Local-First” feel, have proven to drive in store sales, contact us forms and phone calls.  Best of all, its highly trackable.

New Balance Chicago came to us for just this reason, check out the CASE STUDY to see how we helped!

You don’t need to be a digital business to successfully advertise on the Internet!


Fueling Business-To-Consumer Growth
Growing with Matchnode

For most of the companies we work with, the status quo is not okay.  They are either growing market share or will quickly find themselves in the decline.   Our growth strategies don’t just turn up budgets but will also look to maximize efficiency, tap into new platforms that were previously not thought of as a fit, and help the overall customer UX.

Three key essentials for a High Growth Company

1. Anticipation:
In order for a company to continue landing a steady influx of new business, they need to anticipate their target customer’s needs and create innovative solutions to solve their problems.  This goes beyond targeting the right demographics. It requires going deeper into the analytics and data  to find the true story of what the buyer wants, better than themselves.

2. Adaptability:
Anticipating your customer’s needs will only go so far. You also need to be able to adjust and adapt to the ever-changing landscape in the market. Adapting to the new marketing strategies are vital. Continuously testing the newest digital platforms and turning the right knobs will help move the needle and stay in front of the competition.

3. Customer Focus
UX and branding are a huge reflection of a high growth company in the digital marketing world. A great user experience from the top of the funnel to the bottom is key to achieve high conversion rates.
At Matchnode, we can help and assist with these key essentials in order to help your company continue to grow in the right direction.


Implementing Marketing in the Education Space
Reaching Every Segment of Education

Matchnode has worked with several  different companies in the education space, and our roots as a company began by reaching high school student athletes.   We have experience reaching:

  • High School Students
  • High School Student Athletes
  • High School Musicians
  • High School Coaches
  • College Coaches
  • College Admissions Counselors
  • College Music Professors
  • Alumni

We use a variety of different ways to reach these educational figures whether it be through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter Ads or email marketing. Throughout the entire process, we use our analytical skills to find creative solutions to help our client’s business grow.

Read this CASE STUDY to see how Matchnode helped one education company see a successful product launch.


Local Digital Marketing
Using Geo-Targeting Practices that Work

It doesn’t matter if you are a local business, we want to work with companies that want to grow!

  • You don’t have to be a national business to need a great marketing strategy.
  • The tactics that work for giant brands can be applied on the local level.  In fact many of today’s marketing platforms have extremely specific geographic filters.
  • See our blog post on market segmentation for proof!

It doesn’t matter if you are a local business, we want to work with companies that want to grow!

Check out this CASE STUDY to see here how we helped CIMMfest market their single-weekend festival here in Chicago!


Worldwide Digital Economy
Working on an International Level

Matchnode has had the incredible opportunity to work with different businesses and contractors all around the world.

  • We’ve been featured on the O-Desk blog discussing our involvement in the world-wide digital economy.
  • Whether you are down the street from us or half way around the world, we would love to plug your business into this brave new world.

The first portal of online communication with a potential customer is your website. At Matchnode, we have the experience and expertise using tools like Unbounce and Optimizely  to help optimize designs and purchase funnels to create a great UX for a global visitor.