Welcome to the newest feature of the Matchnode blog! In this segment, we identify an interesting and promising company and take a look at the public signals that are available to gauge their digital marketing efforts and efficiencies.

Quark Expeditions is not a Matchnode client, but we believe it is an interesting company that is doing a lot of things right with their digital marketing. With that said though, we’ve identified a few areas where they can stand to still improve.

Please check out the previous podcast episode where you can find detailed information about how we came up with our digital marketing checklist.

This episode is split up into two parts to cover all aspects of Quark Expedition’s digital marketing efforts.

The first segment covers Conversion Optimization signals like landing pages:

And the second segment covers Traffic Generation signals like retargeting:

And here’s the full breakdown of how we rated Quark Expedition’s digital marketing efforts:

Quark Expedition Checklist

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