by Alecia Wright

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on the previous 12 months, both personally and professionally.  Marketers like to look back on what worked well (and what didn’t) and envision trends to come.

Between my marketing courses and my internship, 2015 has exposed me to countless commercials, sparking me to consider what makes a commercial memorable in this age of content shock.

Here are my favorite commercials from this year:

Android: Friends Furever

Android took the honor of “Most Shared Video Ad of 2015.”  Because there’s nothing cuter — or more share-able — than animals who are friends.

Dove Men: #RealStrength

In the media, women tend to be portrayed as the main caretakers, but Dove Men’s #RealStrength campaign shows the daily, valuable role that fathers take in our lives.  This ad is both inspirational and aspirational in that loving fathers are its target consumer, who Dove wants to use their product.  Or wives who appreciate their husbands can purchase Dove for them.

HoneyMaid: This is Wholesome

With 2015 as a momentous year for the LGBT community, HoneyMaid’s “This is Wholesome” campaign focused on the inherent diversity of families today, showing that love has no ethnicity, gender, or familial structure.  It was this cultural insight that lead HoneyMaid’s senior marketing director Gary Osifchin to portray the changing face of an American family as reality – a bold move for a typically traditional brand.

Dorito’s: Middle Seat

Dorito’s “Middle Seat” commercial, which aired during the 2015 Superbowl, caused some “I’ve been there” chuckles.  When it comes to airplane travel, we all know we want the entire row to ourselves, which is the hilarious premise of this commercial: trying to convince people to NOT sit next to us.

Coca-Cola: #MakeItHappy

As a brand, Coca-Cola has a way of being both timeless and modern/culturally relevant.  In this digital age, the prevalence of online bullying is a startling statistic.  Coca-Cola’s message is to spread love and words of encouragement.

Gatorade: Abby Wambach’s “Forget Me”

As a fitting finale, Gatorade recently released a commercial honoring professional soccer star Abby Wambach hanging up her cleats from the US Women’s National Team.  Abby’s accomplishments are extensive: she’s scored more goals in international soccer than any man or woman and has won two Olympic gold medals and a World Cup title. Unlike most athletes who want to live their glory with brand endorsement deals well after their retirement, Abby’s message is different: “Forget Me.” Literally – she deleted all her social media accounts after her final match against China.  What makes this commercial stand out is Abby’s humility and greatness in the game of soccer, and her readiness to pass on the torch to younger athletes.  The game must go on.

Thanks to those who have followed the blog this year, and have a very wonderful holiday!