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The Problem:

Businesses need a handle on their data in order to better understand their customers’ behavior. For example, if companies make changes to their website, they need to see if it improves or negatively impacts key performance indicators (KPIs). First, build basic data analytics as a foundation then you can implement more sophisticated tools for deeper insights.

Examples of Data Science Tactics:

Over the course of months, Matchnode will build the basis for data-driven understanding of user behavior.

1. Advanced Google Analytics Implementation with Event Tracking
2. KISSmetrics implementation to track specific user activity across sessions
3. Cohort Analysis
4. Retention Measurement
5. Regular meetings with client management team to discuss findings and exchange insights and next steps
6. Multi-channel Inbound Traffic Analysis
7. Funnel Visualization and Optimization
8. Build an analytics dashboard after establishing KPIs with team

Data Science Solutions:

Over the course of months, Matchnode will build the basis for data-driven understanding of user behavior.

  • Multi-Variate tests using Optimizely
  • Regularly updated dashboard
  • Developing separate funnels for different goals
  • Using onsite events for segmented Intercom messaging


The Result

Clients will gain a deep understanding of their metrics, which will enable them to focus on retention and growth to build their platform reach goals.

  • Built online channel from the ground up
  • Established ROI in real-time
  • Email addresses are free (campaigns pay for themselves)
  • Proved lifetime value of customers who make repeat purchases



Example of a Repurchase Cohort Report by Month [not HVST data]: How often are customers repurchasing?

Jeff Dorman, Chief Operating Officer

“Matchnode provided us with real-time data that helped fuel our business, allowing us to focus on our ideas, vision and product. They started with very basics (reporting on incoming and outbound site traffic) and as our business grew, they adapted with us to provide more advanced tools and insights that supported new goals and projects. Matchnode integrated their skills into our business model, and became part of the Harvest team."

Jeff Dorman, Chief Operating Officer

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