Indiana University Alumni Association (IUAA) brings 600,000 IU graduates together to support one another and Indiana University throughout their lives.

The Problem:

IUAA’s traditional methods of staying in contact with alumni to promote various activities had to be updated for the digital age.  Even though they had an amazingly loyal social following they were not properly segmenting their audiences in paid campaigns which lead to some upset alumni.  Plus the organic reach they had enjoyed on Facebook and Twitter began to dwindle.

Our Campaign Tactics:

1. Building Custom Facebook Audiences using emails and phone numbers segmenting members by type, grad year and campus

2. Excluding audiences that weren’t pertinent to each campaign

3. FB demographic targeting to find alumni who didn’t have exact matching emails and phone numbers

4. FB location targeting

6. Unbounce Mobile Responsive Landing Pages

5. Using the Standard Facebook Pixel to re-target and optimize ads for conversions

The Solution:

Beginning in the 2014 school year IUAA used Facebook marketing as never before. Instead of simply organically posting content to social sites, they aggressively targeted specific social ads at precise alumni audiences.

Matchnode created a multi-channel digital campaigns to drive alumni engagement to drive goals such as:

  • Bowl Game Ticket Sales
  • Converting New Grads to Members
  • Converting Annual Members to Lifetime Memberships
  • Career Enhancement Engagement
  • Attendance at Alumni Events across the World

The Result

During our engagement, IUAA’s social media reach increased 26.5% to reach over 450,000 Hoosiers worldwide. Engagement of social media posts more than doubled.

  • Increased Alumni Engagement
  • Converted more young alumni into IUAA members
  • Targeted campaigns to the right alumni
  • Promoted the lifetime value of joining the Indiana University Alumni Association

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