New Balance Chicago consists of 5 brick-andmortar local stores as part of the national shoe retailer chain.

The Problem

New Balance Chicago’s traditional marketing tactics (print and radio) were in need of refreshing and support from cutting-edge digital tactics. New Balance Chicago needed assistance with supplementing their traditional marketing efforts with cost-effective digital tactics with clear ROI.

Our Campaign Tactics

1. Facebook Offers and Ads optimizing for conversion
Facebook Offers delivered discount codes for instore purchase, with high engagement creating 136,541 impressions and 600 offers claimed

2. Custom Audiences (using data to target audiences)
Analyze which Chicago zip codes traditionally drove the most sales

3. Zip Code Targeting

4. Unbounce Landing Pages
Visitors exchanged their email addresses for promo codes on mobile and desktop

The Solution

Over the course of months, Matchnode created multichannel online campaigns to drive in-store purchases implementing:

  • An initial digital campaign used Facebook Offers to deliver discount codes for in-store purchases
  • Next we used Unbounce’s new mobile-responsive landing pages to clone the national New Balance website, but we featured Chicagoland store locations and in-store only promo codes (revealed upon email address submission)
  • Using Unbounce, we captured email addresses as an upstream data point to better optimize campaigns
  • Grew New Balance Chicago’s email list (segmented by campaign). Also used Constant Contact campaigns to remind customers to redeem promo codes in store.

The Result

On a monthly basis, New Balance Chicago’s sales greatly surpassed the costs of campaigns.

  • Built online channel from the ground up
  • Established ROI in real-time
  • Email addresses are free (campaigns pay for themselves)
  • Proved lifetime value of customers who make repeat purchases

Jeff Mach, CEO and Co-Owner of New Balance Chicago

Matchnode helped me understand the missed opportunity where digital could help drive brick-and-mortar sales at our retail locations. We’ve proven short-term ROI and gained long-term customers, while learning how to integrate our personal service with changing technology.

Jeff Mach, CEO and Co-Owner of New Balance Chicago

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